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That is my lovebird (Ché) and I up there and we want you to join our Kiva team and lend to an entrepreneur in need to support them in taking charge of their lives and thriving. is a non-profit social lending/microloan institution. People make loans (in $25 increments) to disadvantaged entrepreneurs in other countries so that they can start a small businesses or expand their small business. A few of the typical borrowers might include a small groups of women looking to open up a shop together, a tailor, a lorry-driver who also sells construction materials, or a small farmer that needs to dig a well to better water her crops. The lender gets to review and choose from the various people requesting money: Who they are, where they live, their life situation, how much they need and for what purpose.

What’s really cool about it is that as the loans are paid back (typically over a 8-14 month period) the money is re-credited back to your account and you can loan the money out again. So rather than a ‘charity’ in which the money is consumed, the money we put in keeps getting recycled, spawning and growing new businesses and helping folks in other countries get businesses up and running so that they can provide for themselves and their families.


If you join our lending team, Sensitive + Thriving on $25/mo, we can work together to alleviate poverty. Once you’re a part of the team, you can choose to have a future loan on Kiva “count” towards our team’s impact. The loan is still yours, and repayments still come to you – but you can also choose to have the loan show up in our team’s collective portfolio, so our team’s overall impact will grow.


Check out the team and lend $25 at least once, and we encourage you to do it every month. That is our goal. We have already started, so please join us! And invite everyone you know. It’s easy. It’s minimal. It makes such a difference for us all.

Here’s to YOU + ME + US!!!