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Ane’s Atlas

Welcome to my Atlas.

In Greek mythology, Atlas carried the heavens upon his shoulders and he is now seen to carry the world. He was the son of the Ocean and King of Atlantis.

An atlas is also a volume that systematically illustrates a particular subject, or a collection of maps.

In anatomy, it is the first cervical vertebrae of the neck which supports the skull and head.

My Atlas does all of this for those of us who are genetically highly sensitive. It bears the weight of all there is to know about being highly sensitive, as it comes from this watery territory of ever-changing sensations that we live in. It can feel like we are sentenced to carry the weight of the world, and easy access to what works for us can support us in letting go of that. In this way the Atlas can help us to evolve to a powerful group of sensitive leaders who can rise from the bottom of the ocean of emotion. It outlines the territory we can traverse to get where we want to go. It definitely supports and relieves our heads of all that they are doing all the time.

I have transfered everything that was in my blog to the Atlas, and from here on out will break down all the information that is added into bite-size pieces that are easy to use.

It is divided into categories that you can see to the right, though I do believe that they are all connected and that mind, body, and spirit are one. The categories allow you to find what you are looking for more quickly and easily, though they can connect you to every other part of the Atlas as well. Use each of the different search options and check in regularly to see the recent posts. I generally add things weekly. Please use the index if you are looking for something specific.

If you want to recommend something for the Atlas, send an email to or post it on my facebook page.

Take a load off + enjoy,



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