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My Story

My name, Ane (I pronounce it like “Annie”), comes from my Danish heritage.

I am a highly sensitive person, who is also high sensation seeking, introverted, a licensed mental health and relationship therapist who specializes in working with highly sensitive persons.

Through my personal experiences of coming to understand myself and experience health, as well as my training in mental health, hypnosis, relational therapy, and psychology…I have a unique set of services to offer you which can lead you to thrive through sensitivity in every way.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Human Development and Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Marriage and Family Therapy license (LMFT) in New York State, over 450 hours in clinical hypnotherapy training and a Clinical Hypnosis certification.

I have facilitated individual, relational, and group therapy for over 6 years as well as many workshops, training, coaching, consulting, and classes.

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The more experience I have in the world, the more I find that every person has all of the answers and resources that they need within them…and that the power we have to create our reality is unlimited.

I find that we are all just right as we are, and it is the worrying about “what is wrong with me” that creates the issues related to unhappiness that we experience.

I see my role as your supportive guide to serve you in using your awareness intentionally to understand and connect with your unique self as just right.

Your healthy relationships and connection, with self and others, show congruence.  Being fully congruent, or fully yourself, allows you the greatest joy, peace, and power in all that you do.

Most of my life I felt like there was something wrong with me for being so different.

Coming to understand and accept myself as a Highly Sensitive Person and Introvert really turned on the light for me.

Being trained in techniques for mindfulness and being in my body, present in each moment, brought answers to me about my health, my relationships, my job, and my life.

I got really clear on what I wanted and what I didn’t want in my life.

I physically healed my body, and continue to do so.

My relationships transformed.

I took charge of my financial situation that I had felt so powerless in.

I started living my passions, doing work that was really satisfying.

I truly came to understand that what I really have to offer is ME and sensitivity is my super power.

I want to guide you in these same ways so that you too can come alive with YOU, everywhere and in every way: physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually.

YOU are wanted.

Your sensitive super powers are ready.

Let’s do this together, starting NOW.