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Are you tired of being “TOO SENSITIVE”?


Yes? Then you’re in the right spot.

I am going to explain what Sensitive Leadership is below and how it was created, but first there are a few things I want you to see.

If you have not already, I recommend reading the client guide PDF that I created just for you :: sensitive + thriving client guide

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If you want to learn more about what these online programs are and how they were created, then read on.
I was definitely tired of being “TOO SENSITIVE”.

I used to live a very avoidant and controlled life.

I lived a very lonely life.

I felt anxious, paralyzing over-analysis of EVERYTHING. Everything had to be carefully planned.

That was tiring.

I felt so different than everyone around me.

Everyone else seemed to just know how to be human…and somehow I didn’t. I carefully planned every move, figuring out how to be because I didn’t just know.

And others noticed.

“You’re TOO sensitive! Too emotional! Too intense! Too analytical!”

Not surprisingly, that didn’t help the whole situation. I just got more overwhelmed, analytical, and emotional as I tried desperately not to be those things or avoid situations where I would come across that way.

I needed to make sure that I would be prepared for every possible situation. Otherwise, I might not be able to handle it. Or I might do the wrong thing! And I really couldn’t handle being criticized. There was no worse feeling in the world than feeling like someone thought I was doing something wrong…I spent so much time wondering if people were judging me, my every little move. Or, was I letting people down?

I kept to myself mostly and preferred to just watch, shy and detached from my environment.

This was depressing.

I didn’t understand why so many people liked so many of the popular things they did: styles of clothing, TV shows, hobbies. Participating in a sport where there would be a crowd of people to watch me seemed like the worst possible torture. How could people so confidently do that?! Even the way many people interacted socially was completely confusing to me, saying one thing and doing another. How did they know that they were supposed to wait to call the guy they were interested in? How did they even go on dates?

There were also a lot of mysterious chronic autoimmune health issues throughout my life that got more aggravating in my late teen years into adulthood. I didn’t know they were all autoimmune issues at the time. I was constantly struggling with digestive issues, fatigue, insomnia, muscle tension, scoliosis, unexplained rashes and skin conditions, sexual difficulties, acne, joint pain and overexertion, uncontrollable moments of anxiety and heart racing (my mom later told me that as a child I was diagnosed with a heart murmur/mitral valve prolapse), rapid and significant weight loss or gain, sugar and bread cravings to the point of addiction.

Along with the addictions to my thoughts, perfectionism, and carbohydrates…my relationships were addictive too.

I remember clinging to one best friend or boyfriend at a time, codependent relationships, needing to be needed, always seeking to do everything for everyone else, be overly accommodating as I was filling in the gaps with my friends or family. It seemed that everything was always on one end of the spectrum or the other, all or nothing. I was totally enmeshed with people or else totally blocked them out.

I lived in a very rich life inside my head, all alone, while I carefully controlled my external environment with my compulsive thoughts, perfectionism, and relationships. I felt that I NEEDED these things. By the way, yes, these are all common experiences for highly sensitive people.

This was all until, after a lifetime of health struggles, my grandfather was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

This is a disease in which the small intestine is destroyed due to a reaction with gluten—the protein found in wheat. This had been the secret cause for many health struggles throughout my grandfather’s life, including thyroid issues and acid reflux to the point of getting a hole in his esophagus.

I did my research, learning that Celiac Disease is hereditary and if one family member has it the chances for others in the family to have it are significantly increased. I learned that it was called gluten sensitivity. It wasn’t an allergy or even coined in negative terminology.

Some people are genetically more sensitive…interesting.

They are meant to be more sensitive; there is a biological and evolutionary benefit to this.

And, other people are more tolerant, or hardy. They have thicker skin, so to speak, more naturally and I have thinner skin more naturally.

I began to see parallels in my life on all levels. I struggled with thin boundaries and therefore increased sensitivity everywhere, not just in my digestive system. It seemed this world was built for the thick-skinned and I didn’t know how to be thin-skinned.

I literally DID NOT know what I wanted, as odd as that seemed. I was so busy controlling my external environment that I didn’t know what was inside me. I didn’t know what would nourish me or feel good. I felt that I could never relax with such thin skin, I always had to be managing my environment, so what did it matter anyway?

All decisions were logical. I lived entirely in my head trying to figure out “the best way to be”. I was ALWAYS trying and holding on and tensely trying to fix everything.

Things got so bad that it became hard for me to get out of bed. I didn’t have the energy.

I finally admitted that I didn’t like my life.

I realized that I was waking up to a creation of what I thought life should be, not what I wanted. And, I didn’t know what I wanted! I felt hopeless.

Here’s where it starts to get good.

“Faith” was a term I had heard my whole life, but I didn’t know what it actually was. What does it look like to have faith? I wanted to know and I started experimenting with it. Some people were supposed to have literally healed through their faith. And how did that happen exactly? What were they doing? What are the steps? I wanted to be healed so badly.

I began to come to the conclusion that maybe faith was about what I focused on, and that what I truly believe is what I act on. Maybe it was about trusting that I already have everything I need inside of me and I can let go and trust my inner voice.

As circumstances/fate/serendipity/magic had it, I ended up having very direct experiences with belief as I got trained in clinical hypnosis. I started to open to the possibility that I could be healthy…that even my back could be straight!!!

What really made that healing possible was connected with one of the most unconditionally loving and sincere group of people I have ever met. The group I trained in hypnosis with was like coming home to a love I never knew was possible. I was totally seen for ME and loved for ME, not for what I did or pretended to be.

I didn’t know it then, but this was a group of highly sensitive people! I was the ugly duckling finally at home with swans. That type of understanding and connection made me begin to realize that I was just right.

It’s important for ANYONE to spend time with their tribe, where they can be “normal”. I had never experienced this before now.

I didn’t know it was possible to feel so comfortable being me.

In this environment, I began to see some of the beliefs and LIES I had been holding on to and how they were showing up all around me in my life, my body, my relationships. I used specific techniques to focus my awareness and get in touch with my desires, what I want.

I had first hand experiences with my power to create my reality.

I began to understand the important roles of my thoughts, feelings, and actions and how to use them rather than let them use me.

I went through some big transitions to more directly get what I wanted, now that I was coming to understand that I could want things as well as identifying what those things were. I divorced, left my religious practice, moved, and started a whole new life…to explore ME.

I continued to use hypnosis and a number of methods to better understand myself, yet there was still something missing.

And then, the precious moment I came across the work of Dr. Elaine Aron occurred.

This was it!!! The missing piece, the one that I knew was there deep down. Not only is there nothing wrong with me and the way I am, this sensitivity is an incredible STRENGTH!

Dr. Aron studies the 20% of the population with the genetic trait of high sensitivity (HSPs—highly sensitive persons) and their very different way of functioning than the rest of the 80%. She wrote books which I devoured, every word was delicious and hit me on such a deep level. I was shifting my entire perception.

It’s like I had this powerful fire hose of sensitivity on full blast my whole life just going crazy, spraying me in the face and with such force! That hurt. And I didn’t know what it was or why I was so hurt by it. I kept trying to block it out, and it would just tear down the walls I built. Is there no way to get rid of it?! Now I realized, I can hold it. And, when I get practiced at holding it, get strong, I can use that great force for great good with specific intention.

I’m so happy to say that today I am living a life I never thought possible.

I live wherever I want, including places like New York City and Chicago. There is NO WAY I could have done that a couple years ago.

I have more amazing and truly intimate relationships with friends and family than I can count on all my fingers and toes.

I get to meet incredible people like you daily in my work. I find satisfaction and joy in doing what I do every day.

I know how to take care of myself, and I know that I am just right.

I love being me.

And you know what’s really amazing?

My body is changed too.

My spine is almost completely aligned, yes, that’s right. Scoliosis is being healed. My muscles, my skin, my digestion, my energy, my whole experience of sensation is new and delicious. The mysterious health issues are resolved as I care for myself the way I need to be cared for AND use this amazing sensitivity to come into alignment with who I am in every way.

Yes, sometimes I get overwhelmed, I’m still alive after all. I know how to handle it now, though. I know I can do what I want now. I know me. I’m happy to be me. I am showing up now, not this carefully planned image. It’s so much easier, more rewarding, and I feel energized being ME. I am just being me, in front of a room, alone, in new and unexpected situations, and wherever I am. I can handle stimulation and now it’s actually fun for me. I use my sensitivity to serve me all day in so many ways, and I LOVE IT.

So here’s the REALLY good news for you…

I know that I need to share this information with all of the rest of the highly sensitive people out there who are struggling with their sensitivity as I did. I want each of you to have what I have had. I have been doing my best to meet one-on-one with as many HSPs as possible and came to the quick conclusion that there is some basic information that all HSPs can and do benefit from. I have been doing in-person groups discussing and presenting this basic information and watching the rapid transformation that can happen, even in a matter of months.

I realized how much HSPs all over the globe need to connect with one another and have this information, not just those I can work with 1-1. I realized that I needed to create a convenient and inexpensive format that would be accessible to as many as possible. DRUM ROLL………and so the sensitive + thriving basics 6 month online program was formed!

Are you ready to open to the possibility that you can:

Feel connected to yourself and others?

Be able to relax into your self?

Feel healthy?

Feel comfortable?

Feel strong and aligned?

Find your own personal calling/vocation?

Digest your life comfortably and easily, while also being nourished by bringing into your life healthy, yummy things to chew on?

Set boundaries clearly and easily?

Know what you want and don’t want?

Be able to say no when you mean no and yes when you mean yes?

Switch from figuring out, analyzing, and controlling to just being you?

Know how to and use your thoughts, feelings, and actions rather than letting them use you?

Find meaning and joy in every day?

Learn specific skills and techniques to help you manage your stimulation to prevent or deal with overwhelm?

Find yourself as beautiful, just right?

Thrive in your environment—fully taking care of yourself the way you need to be cared for?

Connect with friends like you, on a level so sincere and unconditional you can’t even imagine?

Manage your time, money, and day-to-day life in a way that feels good?

Have energy?

Have supportive partnerships with those you love?

Express yourself in a way that makes sense to you?

Enjoy social situations and contributing meaningfully to conversations with anyone?

Stop trying to “fix” yourself and start enjoying yourself?


There’s no other teaching like this anywhere that really supports you in transforming your whole perspective on life and your self as highly sensitive.

Trust me, I have looked.

And, all you need is a computer with internet connection.

***NOTICE: This program is for those who are ready to thrive. There are some online HSP communities that seem to get taken over by those who are seeing their sensitivity as a weakness, a curse, or burden. I know sensitivity can be difficult to understand, manage, and it has been sorely misunderstood/mistreated by humans as a whole. I’ve been there. That’s why this program is here. It’s time to step up. WE need to step up. This program is not for those who want to be victims. It’s ok to be weak and go into parts of ourselves that are weak, in fact we must, in order to strengthen them. But, the point is building that sensitivity muscle, not staying weak.

Are you ready to get going NOW?

What the sensitive + thriving basics online program is:

  • 6 basic modules of information from me with all that you need to know as a highly sensitive person to start shifting your whole worldview from “what’s wrong with me?” to “I belong as highly sensitive, and I work in a totally different way that’s just as important.” (yeah, that’s a big deal).
  • Modules are about understanding your highly sensitive self, reframing your childhood and reparenting your self, highly sensitive physical health, interdependent relationships rather than co-dependent or independent, highly sensitive vocations, and celebrating spirituality.
  • Recorded Coaching Q + A calls with actual HSPs learning about themselves broken down into easy-to-use categories (these may actually be the best part of the program).
  • Reading and activities to promote your process of strengthening your sensitivity to complete that cover all areas of being highly sensitive :: physical, emotional, vocational, spiritual, relational, and more.
  • MP3 downloads of hypnosis recordings related to the topic that month, to listen to as many times, whenever you want to in order to progress your growth through the direct use of your subconscious programming.
  • MP3 format for all the content to listen to whenever you want and as much as you want when you download it to your computer or MP3 player. This information is basic and therefore always valuable to review.

Once you purchase the program, you will be taken directly to the home page to have instant access. 

It is my mission to strengthen sensitivity in all of us, especially those of us who are highly sensitive.

I really just want to get this information out, connect with you, and get you thriving so that you can start holding that power to use it as only you can. I know how much can change in as little as a day, let alone an essential 6 months, with this information. I want you to have that.

I have spent over $75,000 and 10 years on my education, licenses, and certifications about relationships, mental health, a holistic understanding of high sensitivity, nutrition and digestion, how the mind and body work, and how to achieve success. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, nutrition and supplementation health professional, and leader of the sensitive revolution.

There are participants who are recorded in this program who are amazing and dedicated to growth whom you get to learn from as they grow in their sensitivity.

There is so much here for you.

Oh, I am breathing such a big sigh of joy and relief for you!

I can remember being where you are and having no idea of the joy of thriving through sensitivity that was just around the corner.

Sensitivity REALLY is a super power. You’re already on your way, and I’m so happy to have you here.

We want you.

We want you to come alive in your sensitivity. It is true power and the things you can and will do with it are indescribable. We are ready for you. You are ready for you. Thank you for being here.

THIS is where you belong.

 “Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.”  Steven Pressfield

“I glanced at her and took my glasses off—they were still singing. They buzzed like a locust on the coffee table and then ceased. Her voice belled forth, and the sunlight bent. I felt the ceiling arch, and knew that the nails up there took a new grip on whatever they touched. ‘I am your own way of looking at things, ‘ she said. ‘When you allow me to live with you, every glance at the world around you will be a sort of salvation.’ And I took her hand.”   William Stafford


And wait, THERE’S MORE!


The basics is a great way to start with low cost and low commitment to see how it works out for you. It is the start of changing the way you see sensitivity and start to using your own sensitivity with power. AND, if you are ready to go beyond the basics and beyond thriving into leading all that you do with sensitivity, then you may want to explore the Sensitive Leadership program. The basics program is the starting point for using your sensitivity, and the Sensitive Leadership program is the structure of using your sensitivity so that you can use it however you want and personalize what you do with it. The basics can help heal you now and Sensitive Leadership is what takes that further to understand the structure of health. If you decide that the basics is for you now, you can always upgrade to the Sensitive Leadership program for the same price later (you will get a coupon code). And the basics program is included with access to the Sensitive Leadership program.

Access to the Sensitive Leadership program is what then allows you to access further services such as 1-1 sessions, courses, and other personalized services. SO, if you are interested in working with me in a more personal or 1-1 way, then sign up for Sensitive Leadership first as that information is essential to go further together.

I created Sensitive Leadership because even after I understood about the genetic trait of high sensitivity, I still wasn’t sure what to do with that information. As I felt more ok being sensitive, I still found myself stuck in a world that was not made for sensitive people. Knowing I was sensitive allowed me to feel ok being me, but life was still a struggle.

Now, my sensitivity is my super power. I let my self show up and shine in a big way.

I choose my self, everyday.

I give my self exactly what she wants.

AND it feels divine.

It’s more than just coping, or even thriving in the world that has been created.

It is actively being present to what is happening right now to create what I want.

It is my super power because being highly sensitive is an experience of “NOW”, amplified. And I know how I work. I know how to use my power in this moment. I didn’t before.

I used to let “NOW” amplified (what I picked up with my highly sensitivity nervous system) overwhelm, distract, disorient, and confuse me.

I was weak in my body, with money, in my relationships, with time, with how I worked, with how I interacted with emotions and thoughts, in all areas of my physical life. I didn’t trust my self. And, now I know it was just right. Physical weakness was part of my process as someone with a sensitive nervous system. I just had to keep going. And, now I know EXACTLY what that process is.  It is our own hierarchy of needs and human development process that is the complete opposite of what we are taught.

I use my model of The Highly Sensitive Hierarchy of Needs™ (HSHN) to guide all that I do to create a beautiful life for myself and with my clients. Because, life must be beautiful in order for highly sensitive people to engage with it fully. We cannot settle. We must live on the edge of the known and the unknown. We are pilgrims, innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, parents, partners, lovers, peacemakers, change-makers, inventors, creators, gardeners.

The HSHN is based on Maslow’s 8-Stage Hierarchy of Needs, only we go from top to bottom, not bottom to top. We are working on connecting our great vision from above, all the way to grounding it on the earth as a reality. We work on understanding our bodies and boundaries, while hardier folks (the 80% that Maslow’s model fits for) are working on opening up and connecting with something higher.


 The Highly Sensitive Hierarchy of Needs™



We can only meet our physical needs in a way that works for us when we have successively met the other needs in their order. And, it is through giving ourselves exactly what we need that we get success on every level as we are, rather than create a painful experience of what we should be. Health happens when you connect to the totality of your self. It’s easier than you might think and it feels so good to get what you want in a way that feels good to you. Before I understood this, my success felt like a struggle and a fight.


Perhaps you can relate to where I was:

  • The way you are working now feels like a betrayal to your self. It seems like what you have found that “works” still goes against your nature in some way, but at least it works. At least you are getting some of the results you want, and you don’t want to slide back to where you came from.
  •  You have tried other programs, coaches, therapists, self-help books, spiritual or religious practices, workshops, trainings…maybe you have tried every single one out there…and still feel like they did not quite fit or didn’t fit at all. You may have gotten something out of them but you still felt like you had to fit your self into it in some way. There wasn’t total satisfaction or openness. There was something missing, or something that kept you holding back in some way.
  • You have a rich inner life and a deep sense of self, the universe, connection but it doesn’t seem to translate to all the physical and practical aspects of your life.  It remains a concept rather than an experience.
  • You want to connect your big, deep vision to everything you do…but it seems unsafe, irresponsible, and impossible.
  • You feel like you have to defend and prove your self. You are sick of fighting with your partner, your family, your doctors, maybe even your therapist. It feels like a battle just to be heard, sometimes or all the time.
  • You want to be impeccable. You want to believe that you can have it all, be all that you are, and you don’t have to compromise. You know you are powerful on some level. You know you are capable. But you don’t know how to live in a sustainable way that supports both your spiritual and physical wants.
  • You are face-to-face every day with the existential crisis that you have experienced your whole life. You want to know how to live. Why are you here with this sensitivity in a world that seems to punish it? What’s the point? Why is it so hard?
  • Why do you get the message that there is something really wrong with you AND you also get so many people tell you that you are so gifted and powerful? How can you be getting such opposite messages at once?
  • While you may be more accepting of your self and where you are, you still worry that you might be “too much”, “too demanding”, “too intense”, “too sensitive”, “too emotional” to have the exact work, life, relationship, home, friends that you really (maybe even secretly) want. You finally feel ok by your self, but out in the world you have to protect your self and you don’t know how to be ok out there too. You wonder if it’s even possible. And, what’s the point if it’s always going to be a struggle? Is there a balance? An answer? Is there something that works for you in the world? Or do you always just have to be alone in what’s important to you?

I have been working with highly sensitive clients for a while now. They all asked these questions and had the same frustrations I did.

I have been actively practicing connecting to my body and relaxing into being for most of my life, through a variety of practices: psychology, therapy, hypnosis, yoga, all kinds of physical exercise, physical therapy, meditation, family and human development education, systems theory, relational education, nutrition, all kinds of diets, supplementation, 5 Elements, kundalini energy movement, religion, spiritual practices of all types, marketing, business development, design…and much more…

I studied the profound work and research of Dr. Elaine Aron about sensory processing sensitivity and discovered my own applications based on those studies. I have found lots of strategies to support myself and other people with the trait of high sensitivity in thriving, doing more than just getting by, surviving, or struggling. Really thriving, and then leading, through the system that I have developed.

I have tested it. I know it works. You can have what works for you.

And, now that I am thriving and so many of my clients are, I am face to face with what I have known and wanted all along. Impeccability. Leading with sensitivity in EVERYTHING. And I want it on a large scale for all of us.

I want to relieve suffering for all of us. I want us all to experience our full selves.

Spirituality IS your business.

When I say “spirituality” I mean all the aspects of life that are unknown, what we don’t hold in our hand or touch physically in a concrete sense. I mean the top of the hierarchy of needs, transcendence. Spirituality is the big picture where all HSPs start out and hang out, whatever that is for you. I don’t mean religion or any particular belief system.

Business is spiritual practice. And, spiritual practice IS your business. It is bringing the unknown to the known. But, we must choose it. We must choose to stand with the unknown and play, improvise with the most current information we receive. We must choose our childhoods that we have not yet had. And when we let our imaginary, inner world be connected with reality, everyone benefits. For highly sensitive people, work is play.

I know for sure that connected and empowered highly sensitive people are natural leaders. We bring heaven to earth with our very being. But, we have to GO ALL THE WAY. We have to ground every part of ourselves.

Learn how to use your sensitivity as your super power.

Being a Sensitive Leader means leading with your sensitivity, leading with your intuition, feelings, senses. You first lead your self this way, and then you cannot help but lead others, sensitively, to connect completely with the totality of their experience and their self as well. You can lead no matter who you are or where you are. It’s not about being in a “big” position by typical standards; it’s about being big where you are by being right where you are fully.

As you can see from the HSHN model, if we get hung up somewhere along the way we will never ground ourselves or bring our self to full connection and physical reality. We spin in our heads forever and ever and ever….never touching down. It’s not good or bad, just the way we work. It’s not a disorder; it’s just not completing the connection to earth. And it’s in not going all the way into something, only going half way or part of the way and staying there, that we experience suffering.

And, we use addiction to ground us compulsively out of fear. We want something to quickly hold on to if we have never gone all the way through meeting our needs. Thought addiction, relationship addiction (co-dependence), substance addiction, work addiction, exercise addiction. Most HSPs have at least one addiction to help them get by until they can really connect fully with their entire self. We have to. Now it’s time to let go of the addiction by getting what you really want. You don’t have to cut out any part of you to feel grounded. In fact, the more inclusive you are, the more sustainably grounded you are.

There are some very specific hang-ups along the way. I know because I have been through them and helped my clients through them.

And, there are some very specific helpful strategies that I know too.

I want to help you GO ALL THE WAY to what you want.

I want to support you in understanding why you do what you do. What matters to you, and live it every day.

And, I want to give it all to you.

I have created a program that will meet you wherever you are and connect you to wherever you want to go.

Health and success are very practical. You just have to know the steps that fit for you and do them.

So, how are we going to take these steps?

Sensitive Leadership.


What is included in Sensitive Leadership?

:: A lifetime membership to the online program that includes modules to move you through all 8 stages of The Highly Sensitive Hierarchy of Needs to really, truly feel understood, accepted, and lead with sensitivity in all that you do.

:: A menu of services to choose from depending on what level you are at where you are now :: courses, 1-1 sessions, retreats.

:: sensitive + thriving basics program that gives you the basics of where to start with using this model of Sensitive Leadership.

:: A private Facebook group to interact with fellow empowered HSPs who are leading with their sensitivity.


What will the modules include?

Each module will include audio content to support you in cognitively learning about each stage, as well as hypnosis recordings, homework, physical practices, and more to support you in taking action to move through each stage.

Here’s the gist of the content that will be in each module:

:: Transcendence/Spiritual Needs:

Learn to own and trust your big vision, what you see that no one else does or can. Trust that you are connected to everything and everyone. You are just right, right now. Use death as your greatest advisor to bring you here into this moment now, alive. We work with the anxiety and depression that all HSPs experience to stopping fighting with it and learn how to be with it powerfully. I teach you my model of Practical Spirituality based on the rules for how your mind works. Transcendent information is simply the raw sensory data that you start with as a highly sensitive person.

:: Self-Actualization Needs:

Now that you trust what you see/feel/know, you can learn that you are, separate from these experiences. Learn to realize your self, that you exist as the only you there ever was or will be. Feel your body, your presence. Understand your self as in a body, not just part of the whole and not just the concept of your self. Your separateness is what helps you feel connected. Really experience your self as I teach you presence-based models through hypnosis, mindfulness, guided meditation, and improvisation. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) strategies can help you get clear on being here.

:: Aesthetic Needs:

Now that you know that you are, learn to trust your desires. Design your life by prioritizing what you want, what you need, and what you must have that doesn’t relate to anything else in your life (LUXURY, PLEASURE, JUST BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD).  Do less and get more. Learn to trust that just as you are, so are your desires, sensations, and emotions. It’s ok to like and dislike, without justification, excuse, or defense. Learn about what you like. Learn about what is beautiful to you, what fits…and what does not fit. All that you do must be beautiful to you. You must create a beautiful life, or you will only get so far. This is where most HSPs get hung up. What you desire and what you don’t want are your greatest offering. Healing your wounds and bringing into the world your beauty are where your value lies. We will use my highly sensitive lifestyle design model that is based on the model professional designers use to create a product that has both form and function.

:: Cognitive Needs:

Now that life is beautiful, learn about what your purpose is. Get a cognitive understanding that makes sense to you based on what feels good to you. Translate your feelings into words; distill it down to something you can use. Our native language is not verbal; it is picture, texture, and color, kinesthetic and abstract. Story and metaphor allow us to make sense of and work with this abstract experience we have. Learn to give substance to your inner world. Start living out what you feel on the inside by first channeling into substance. I will use Simon Sinek’s model on understanding your WHY to bring your why into words.

:: Esteem Needs:

Now that you know you are important, that you are here, and therefore you have a purpose as a unique individual, understand your value. Experience your value in the context of a group, practicing sharing your gifts to see exactly how wanted they are. Experience your self as rare and precious without even trying. This is about connection with others. This is about taking the risk to show up in your most vulnerable state and see that you are wanted. Understand how we are all already marketing ourselves, and how you can do it on purpose with great compassion. I will utilize Jennifer Lee’s Right-Brain Business Planning as a licensed facilitator to serve you in getting down to business with whatever is important and beautiful to you.

:: Love and Belonging Needs:

Now that you understand that you do have essential value to offer simply with your presence that others want, experience true love and acceptance for who you are inherently not just what you do. Intimate connection is difficult before this phase. Release shame, guilt, and judgment. Experience your self as innocent and complete as you are. Engage in relationships that you choose, that you want. Learn to have high expectations and to not settle to get exactly what you want in partnerships, friendships, and all your relationships. Learn about highly sensitive dating, friendships, and partnerships. I will teach you about family systems and how to interact with an understanding that we are all connected, and also individuals. We will use Brené Brown’s Shame Resiliency Connections Curriculum to practice vulnerability, courage, and compassion with your self as you reach out.

:: Safety Needs:

Now that you feel loved and that you belong, you can feel safe. You can set up flexible guidelines based on what you really want and know that they will be honored because they are backed with meaning. They aren’t arbitrary or imposed by some rulebook. Safety is possible now that you know you belong here, you are here on purpose. You can discover your specific boundaries about money, relationships, time, schedule, lifestyle, space, and all the specifics now that they are based on what is truly meaningful and beautiful to you. This is where you understand your boundaries (AT LAST) and where they actually make sense, and they are constantly evolving based on what is happening now. I use my 5 elements model (Love/Light/Ether/Wood, Air, Water, Earth, Fire) to teach about boundaries, what they REALLY are, and how to use them in a way that works for you.

:: Physiological Needs:

And FINALLY, now that you have met all of these needs above and you truly feel safe, you can get your physical needs in a way that really feels good to you. You CAN meet your most concrete needs in a way that works for you as you give yourself permission to set and follow boundaries and guidelines that feel good to you. You have made it all the way down into your body. Get paid for being you, get connected with others, live in the physical reality you love. Your dreams are reality now. You are grounded, connected, and HERE. What you want is sitting in front of you in physical form. YES!!!

This is where it all happens, right here and right now.

You can totally do this. I do and so do so many others, therefore so can you.

You can use this model as you make every decision, when you feel stuck, and as a big picture evolution of your life. You may move through the stages over the course of the year, or years, on a grand level. And you move through each stage to successfully make decisions and take each step in your day-to-day life. I will outline what each of the stages look like within life and how I moved through them specifically over time and as I make in-the-moment decisions.

If you are highly sensitive, this information is VITAL. No therapist, coach, service, program will really help you go all the way until you and they get this. And, that’s why none of them have totally gotten you there.

I know it is so important to create this community and to teach this powerful information. It’s ok to be you and live in a way that makes sense for you. Not too many people are sharing this kind of information. It’s a great paradox that the most powerful people experience the greatest weakness. And, NO ONE is sharing this powerful and simple model. There are lots of boot camps and just-whip-your-self-into-shape methods out there. This is not one of those. Those will not ultimately work for you. They are moving in the other direction, from the ground up. And, if you are anything like me, you have already done plenty of that to your self. What you need is MORE empathy for YOU. More empathy for that body of yours that may be holding fear, pain, and experiencing mistrust and disconnection. That body that also has a vision and DNA that are programmed to evolve, fiercely. More listening and less forcing. Less trying and more being.  Let it be easy to be you.

Are you ready to lead your life with sensitivity?

Create a life that works for you instead of let life run you around in what feel like meaningless and painful circles?

Do you have an important, sensitive vision you want to share?

Or, do you have NO IDEA what you want to do, but you know you cannot keep doing what you have been doing?

Are you completely sick of struggling and ready to strengthen your core, live from the inside out? Bring your internal world to an external reality?

Are you ready to be impeccable? To bring your truth into ALL that you do and not settle? No more compromises?

Do you want to know what really works for you? And for all the other highly sensitive people in your life that you love and serve?


 Me too.


REFUND POLICY :: There is no refund available due to having immediate access to the modules. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems arise regarding the program after entry, please address them directly with Christina–The Sensitive Leadership Sidekick–or I ( so that they may be resolved in the most efficient and supportive way possible.




Everything else flows out of this. Without this, you’re fighting your own nature and using your super power against your self. BUT, with this knowledge, you are unlimited.


That is quite enough from me. Read what other Super Sensitive Leaders who have worked with me said about our work together (below)…and then lead with your sensitivity, by following your heart’s desire and letting it guide you to exactly where you didn’t know you wanted to be.

In love + connection,

  Ane Axford                                                                                                                               

Super Sensitive CEO                                                                                                            

sensitive + thriving


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What problem were you facing that Ane’s services helped solve?

“I was having a hard time liking and understanding my sensitive body amidst my mental challenges with depression, anxiety and psychosis.”

“Anxiety. Difficulty making decisions.  Obsessive self-destructive thoughts and self-image issues.”

“…despite multiple failures with other therapists, I still felt a deep yearning for exactly what Ane provides–just by being her GIANT COOL SELF!!!”

“Relationship addiction, issues at work, inability to speak for myself, not understanding why I wasn’t getting what I wanted in life, not being able to take care of myself.”

“I was feeling generally very frustrated and stuck in life, with a poor understanding of why, very little idea of how to feel better, and real difficulty communicating my feelings to the people I’m close to in my life. These were not particularly new problems, but they were persistent.”

“I was a newly discovered HSP when I found Ane. All I’d read was Elaine Aron’s book and I felt like I needed more. Luckily, I got that through the Basics program!”


Has working with Ane’s services made your life easier? How?

“Yes.  I feel more accepting of my body which has changed my life in a lot of positive ways.  Ane has given me the permission I needed (because I could not give it to myself) to move ahead with projects, to like what I’m doing, to get rid of the stuff that I don’t like doing.  Also, she has shared her knowledge and wisdom on what it is like to be sensitive and this has allowed me to understand myself better.”

“I used to wake up every morning and feel like crap….wondering why I was so ‘dark on the inside’ when I am such a typically positive person.  Now I wake up and hear Ane’s voice say, ‘You’re just right.’ It’s a radical, wonderful, miraculous shift in every way.  When I get overwhelmed and exhausted or daunted during the day, now I can check-in with tenderness and say, ‘Hey little orchid, it’s okay….’  Instead of constantly striving to be someone and somehow different/better and like everyone else. I now acknowledge with real wisdom and reverence that this is just not, never has been, and never will be the way I THRIVE.  And I embrace that my unique construction is truly a precious gift–but like a priceless Renaissance instrument, I can’t mistreat it.”

“Yes. I think our conversations and work together have redirected my focus at times and helped me to understand the sorts of choices I can make to feel more satisfied with my life. I find myself thinking about things in new and more comfortable ways.

“Absolutely! I learned faster than I would have on my own and the recorded hypnosis tracks are something I still lean on now especially pre-bed. Very relaxing!”

“The biggest thing, I think, is that Ane’s helped me understand that there is no ‘best way’ to do things, or to be. I spent such a large chunk of my life thinking that others know something about how to live, some secret that I’m not in on. Ane’s helped me internalize this idea that  there is no ‘right’ way of doing or being, that it’s ok to just do my best and figure it out as I go. Life also becomes easier when you accept responsibility for it.  Through my work with Ane, life feels less like something that happens to me and more like something I create for myself. I can also use my awareness better. I can tell when my thoughts are playing tricks on me. I understand my body better and have a healthier relationship with it.”

“Yes. Working with Ane transformed my life.

Ane brought gifts to my life that I will forever be grateful for:

1 ) the art of extreme self-care:

2 ) the ability to get into my body and find out what I feel and allow myself to feel

3 ) in hypnosis: teaching me how to have an experience of whatever it is that I wanted by remembering something that I have experienced before or trying to imagine what it would feel like if I had something that I desire

4 ) help me understand that people in my environment dont have the ability to put a price tag on me. basically, not allowing my surroundings especially at work to validate who I am

5 ) that relationships are mirrors, learning how to let go, learning how to go for what i want, and that I can always change my mind

6 ) that I am enough just as I am right now, that I am safe, and deserve love, appreciation

7 ) when I am alone, its okay to be alone, and that its not going to be forever, I am alone today, this week, or this month…

8 ) establishing boundaries, not tolerating things that affect me in a negative way, protecting my sensitivity instead of allowing unnecessary exposure

9 ) teaching me about practical spirituality and busting myths about law of attraction

10 ) that all of this is part of my journey, and getting me where I need to go. being a mess, being lost, confused, misunderstood is just a phase and its the best one for me, its exactly what I need to experience right now.”


What do you like about the experience of working with Ane?

“Ane’s really patient. She has a great way of explaining things and she’s down for going deep with people.”

Even when I go into a call without anything particular in mind, I feel like she’s able to pick up on threads and we end up discussing something that feels profound. I often find Ane giving me words for something I couldn’t express so succinctly before; there’s a definite sense of solid understanding that I don’t get with everyone. The whole process has proven itself to me time and time again.”

“I’ve been to other therapists before, and often, I left their office more depressed than when I came in. The whole session seemed to be me talking about what wasn’t working out in my life, to a level of detail and in such negative language that it kind of brought it to life again and made me think, ‘God, my life *does* suck’. And the responses were usually understanding but not empowering, because they would just acknowledge that I was dealt a crappy hand in life with a screwed up  brain wiring that made me anxious and unhappy. They gave me anxiety/anti-depressant drugs sometimes, which were scary and not helpful. There was never any sense that the nervous system I was born with could be a good thing, it was always this handicap I had to learn to live with. Which I would guess is kind of the depressing message HSPs get a lot: life as coping. That’s sad!  I like that I feel empowered after I see Ane, like I don’t have to be fixed, I just have to learn to use this other type of brain that I got.

“She’s honest, fair, shares her own experiences, can be really funny, relies on her intuition and speaks from the heart. And she doesn’t place a lot of emphasis on past experience unless it is relevant today.”

Absolutely EVERYTHING.  Ane brings this magical, mystical wealth of ever-expanding knowledge and a sense of exciting discovery to every session, yet she is not the least bit judgmental with linear lectures or preconceived prescriptions….I sometimes feel as if we are absorbing art together and creating meaning in a delicate yet daring dance and my participation is celebrated and honored rather than measured and/or dissected with disapproval.  I can finally honestly admit that being with other therapists was one of the most traumatic experiences of my journey–it was dark and dirty and downright depressing.  Ane exposes light and more light to my life with all kinds of colors and facets to explore so that I don’t feel as if any angle is wrong or should/could be changed.  There is a liberation in her presence that is pure joy.

“I feel safe and understood with Ane.”


Were you pleasantly surprised by any part of your experience with Ane?

That it’s often really practical. Finding out how to like yourself and understand yourself could become a really counter productive exercise if you tend to over analyzing things to begin with. But Ane tries to always bring you back to a concrete, tangible, goal, and helps you break it down into a to-do list that you can check back in on to assess your progress.”

“At the start, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was presently surprised by the effectiveness of the hypnosis exercises over the phone.”

“I am surprised how I continue to learn something about myself from each of our sessions.”

“Oh gosh–I absolutely LOVE going to my sessions!  I had no idea that ‘therapy’ could be so freeing and fun….When my students would describe how much they appreciated that I was not just their teacher but their friend, I would wonder if I could ever find a guide who would feel that way for me–and now I have….I am like a walking infomercial for Ane because (as one of my HSP friends says) she makes me feel ‘heart sparkles’ inside! I know that, through our journey together, I truly have someone who is 150% invested in supporting my genuine growth….Not what they think I should be or could be but what can happen only naturally and organically and through a divine dance of delight and discovery.  I almost feel like Ane and I have a ‘secret language’ that I get to explore and express when we’re together…. I am more myself with Ane than anyone else on the planet right now.  Wow.”

“Yes–everything. When I look back at my first day working with Ane to today, I could never picture that I would have come this far.

“How much I learned. When she described HSPs as ‘giants’, I laughed. Already being 6’1″, I’m well aware of life as a physical giant, but had always tried to squeeze myself into this smaller world. I felt really inspired after that to stop trying as much.”


What did you find remarkable about Ane’s services?

“I feel more like I’m being taught or guided rather than ‘treated’, which I think is a remarkable difference from more mainstream services.”

“How open and available Ane is. Makes relating much easier!”

“The service I value the most is how Ane continues to mix her intuition with the practical.  She will provide her sense on things and then offer practical exercises to help manage the problem that I feel are really valuable because she has tried them out herself.  I can’t emphasize enough how valuable the practical exercises are. I also value that she is an HSP—this is important because right away you feel she can relate to you—this provides an immediate connection.”

“I am so glad that Ane shares her journey with me….I’ve never had a therapist/teacher/mentor who would openly reveal the parts of herself that connected so much with my own experiences….and I really need that.  Yale University taught that personal stories are a pivotal part of developing Emotional Literacy, and this truth is being practiced in our sessions together, creating a Trust that lasers into more healing through shared emotions, experiences, impressions, struggles….I am so grateful to be ‘in it’ together and feel like we’re gardening the layers of my soul’s soil on both emotional/physical and metaphysical/mystical levels

“Ane is  more than a therapist — she is a healer.”

“How much she ‘got’ what I was saying, and how much her words of wisdom affected me.”


What is the most important thing people should know about Ane’s services?

“Ane creates the potential for miracles.”

“This is a science that can truly help.”

“How easy they are. You can either actively participate or not, but either way, you’ll get a lot out of it (Basics Program).”

If you are interested in changing your life, if you see the same patterns happening at work, relationships, friendships, within your body and you dont understand what it is or how to help yourself, then talk to Ane. I was so blessed to find her on the website, she had a very radiant picture of herself and that was a reason I contacted her. I also read a few reviews of people who found hypnosis very helpful and how their issues disappeared after a few sessions with Ane. I didn’t know what to expect from hypnosis, especially working with someone I didn’t know, and also admitting that I have an issue, wasn’t easy. All I knew was that I couldn’t live like I was anymore.”

“Working with someone in this way and talking about details of your life isn’t to be taken lightly. For someone on the fence, I would say that she’s trustworthy and if there’s a way she could help, she’ll find it.”


Would you recommend Ane’s services to your highly sensitive friends, family or co-workers? Why?

“Yes. I already have.  My family and many of my friends have commented on how much I’ve changed–my ability to let things slide, good zen-like, life advice I give them, so I told them about Ane.”

“YES! When I like something, I LOVE it, and I talk about Ane’s awesome-ness with so much passion that one of my friends asked me if I was in love with her. I am falling in love with myself in a way never before even remotely possible as a result of our journey together.

“Yes.  Because she’s helped me immensely to understand myself better and to be okay with that and this is empowering to me.  I really feel this is what a therapist is meant to do, and I’ve been through a few therapists!

“I would. I’ve noticed positive changes for myself and I would recommend a struggling friend or family member to see if the same sort of support would help them too.”

Yes, I already do. All the time! I’m the editor of a group for Highly Sensitive women on and love using her blog posts as jump off points for discussions there.”


What part of your experience with Ane makes you want to work with Ane again?

“After each call, I feel better than before it. At the same time, I notice larger, longer term changes for the better as well.”

“I feel like every time I’m with Ane, she helps to pull a thread out of the tapestry of my ‘kaleidoscope cosmos’ inside that I wanted and needed in order to play the music of my soul and now I can actually access it and feel this thread integrated into my essence so that I can play the notes of my life with a full symphony of meaning and magic–I had dreamed of this possibility in the heart of my hearts but never knew could really actually unfold…”

“She understands where I come from, and she shows me way back to myself when I get lost.”

“Ane’s great and really loves this work, it’s clear. She makes everything accessible and approachable. She sees HSP as holistic and a blessing and that’s what a lot of people, myself included, need.


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